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Tips to Boost Your Child’s Early Literacy Skills


Pre-literacy skills are predictors of later reading ability. It encompasses vocabulary, print awareness, letter knowledge, narrative skills, and more. When children build their skills in these areas, they are better prepared to become effective readers. As your trusted provider of child care services in East Orange, New Jersey, we will share tips to strengthen your child’s early literacy skills:

  • Make reading a part of your routine.
    Establish a daily routine that includes reading. Let your child pick out an age-appropriate book and read it to him or her at the same time each day, such as before naptime or bedtime. In addition to listening to stories at preschool in New Jersey, doing so at home will cultivate an interest in books and create an activity that both of you can look forward to.
  • Make reading an interactive activity.
    As you read to your child, make the experience more engaging and interactive by asking questions. Open-ended questions will encourage your child to share their thoughts, ideas, and interpretation of the story. This type of open discussion will also encourage the development of their listening comprehension skills.
  • Join an early childhood program.
    An early childhood program like summer camp and similar child care programs are designed to nurture children’s development and establish a foundation for learning. By enrolling your child in a quality learning program, you provide a learning environment and fun activities that stimulate their eagerness to learn how to read and write.

One Step Ahead Learning Center is an established early childhood education provider. If you are interested in our carefully designed, age-appropriate curriculum, please get in touch with us.

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