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Simple Ways to Encourage Creativity in Children


Creativity involves the use of our ideas and imagination to come up with something of value like a piece of art or a solution to a problem. For young children, creativity fosters mental growth and provides opportunities to try new ideas. As a well-established preschool in New Jersey, we will share simple ways to encourage creativity in your child:

  • Encourage free play.
    Unstructured play times encourage young children to develop their imagination and creativity. Activities like pretend play enable children to create their own rules, enact different themes, and play out various roles. Play also promotes the development of communication skills and creates lasting memories.
  • Express interest in creative expression.
    When your child proudly showcases a piece of artwork, demonstrate your interest in their creative expression. Showing your interest in activities like finger painting and performance art will encourage children to continue the activity and encourage them to express their emotions and ideas creatively.
  • Create an arts and crafts corner.
    Dedicate a corner in your living space or your child’s bedroom for arts and crafts. A simple desk and chair with crayons, paper, and other art materials will help your child unleash their creativity. This space will also allow your child to continue what they learned in their early childhood education center at home.

One Step Ahead Learning Center is a reputable and trusted provider of high-quality child care services in East Orange, New Jersey. We offer a wide range of child care programs to encourage healthy development and growth. Reach out to us to inquire about our programs and services.

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