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Give your child a memorable and educational time during summer.

With our summer camp, we give your children the option to spend their vacation productively. Using a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, we expose kids to an environment that nurtures their skills and talents beyond the four walls of the classroom. Your children will be given various opportunities to learn new things, develop new friendships, and create new memories.

Here are some benefits of this program:

  • Promotes independence
  • Encourages critical thinking skills and creativity
  • Nurtures friendship
  • Improves teamwork and cooperation
  • Helps kids unplug
  • Enables children to learn basic survival skills
  • Allows continuous education but in an exciting way

Get in Touch

Activities are not limited to this list. Feel free to call our line at 973-677-7614 for inquiries and concerns. We’d love to assist you and your little ones through this crucial step to learning and success.

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