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How Kids Benefit From Performing Arts in School


When it comes to early childhood education, developing children’s emotional intelligence is essential to fostering personalities while developing a creative mind. This enables children to become well-rounded individuals. Hence, we offer a performance arts program to allow our young learners to develop their creativity while teaching children language and communication skills.

As a leading preschool in New Jersey, we will discuss how kids benefit from performing arts in school:

  • Build Self-Confidence
    A performance art program entails activities like improvisation and performing on stage, which helps develop children’s confidence. This teaches them to explore outside their comfort zone, think outside the box, and express their ideas in a safe environment. This builds trust and self-reliance that can be carried through to school and social activities.
  • Develop Communication Skills
    A performing arts program will improve children’s communication skills as it helps with vocal projection, tone of speech, presentation skills, and articulation. Performing arts also develop children’s listening skills and how to follow instructions.
  • Social-Emotional Development
    With performing arts, children enhance their social skills by working as part of a team. This teaches them to listen to others, how to express themselves, and how to get along with their peers. This enables children to relate better to different people and situations while learning compassion and empathy.

One Step Ahead Learning Center is your go-to provider of child care services in East Orange, New Jersey. We offer several programs that include performing arts to nurture our young learners’ creativity and promote skill development. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

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