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Honing Your Child’s Cognitive Abilities


Strong cognitive abilities can make one’s life significantly easier. With a sharper mind, you become more effective when performing tasks. Learning new information vital for survival also becomes easier with strong cognition.

As a preschool in New Jersey, we recognize how vital these abilities are for daily life. Strong cognition also gives the person a better chance of succeeding in their pursuits. Because of this importance, we need to take steps to help kids develop their cognitive abilities. What are some of the ways to hone your child’s cognition?

  • Free Play
    Playing is one of the best ways to develop a range of skills and traits, including your child’s cognition. Your kids will have a lot of opportunities to play during early childhood education. Kids learn how to deal with complex social situations through playing. Many games, structured or not, also develop their critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills.
  • Take Time to Read
    Reading is one of the most powerful tools for sharpening a child’s cognition. Many kids learn how to read during their kindergarten years. Children absorb a lot of new information through reading. This activity also enhances their focus and comprehension.
  • Productive Conversations
    The simple act of talking to your kids will hone their cognitive abilities. Asking them open-ended questions will prompt them to think about their answers. These conversations also help develop language and communication skills.

Here at One Step Ahead Learning Center, we are more than dedicated to helping your kids develop the right way as we offer Child Care Services in East Orange, New Jersey. Call us today for your inquiries!

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