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Find Time to Read with Your Children


Reading possesses numerous benefits for individuals of all ages. But this is often most productive for young children still learning more about life. A good childcare program aims to help kids develop in every way, and many of these developmental goals are supplemented through this activity.

As a preschool in New Jersey, we know the impact of reading on every child. But kids can make the most out of reading when parents take the time to read alongside them. Let us discuss the positive impact that parents can have when they read with their children.

  • Adequate Guidance
    Kids learn how to read during their early childhood education. However, many of them may have trouble understanding what they’re reading. That is, more or less, normal. But children will have a fuller learning experience when they comprehend what they read. When you read with your kids, you can answer any questions they may have.
  • Correct Feedback
    Your child’s reading won’t be perfect as they learn the skill. They will have trouble reading words and even mispronounce them from time to time. You can help improve their reading abilities when you read with them. You can correct wrong pronunciations and give definitions of words that confuse them.
  • Spending Quality Time
    Reading with your kids is also one of the best ways to spend more time with them. Reading sessions can cultivate a more fruitful relationship with your children. These reading sessions also allow you to witness their progress.

Here at One Step Ahead Learning Center, we can help your child develop visual skills like reading with our child care services in East Orange, New Jersey. Call us today for your inquiries!

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