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Tips to Lessen the Occurrences of Tantrums in Children


Emotional skills are an important part of early childhood education. This includes a child’s emotional regulation, social awareness, and self-awareness. While tantrums are essential, it is also important to help them lessen these emotional outbursts.

As the leading preschool in New Jersey, we have dealt with a great number of tantrums for different reasons. Allow us to share our expert tips on how to make them less likely.

  • Create a daily schedule for your child- so they know what to expect. Maintain a regular schedule as much as possible, including naps, mealtime, playtime, study time, and bedtime.
  • Only run your errands when your child is well-rested or has already eaten. You can also bring a snack or a small toy to keep them busy if you anticipate having to wait in line.
  • Allow your child to make decisions. Refrain from turning down everything. Allowing them to make decisions can help them feel a little sense of control.
  • Give your child attention when they behave nicely. When they follow your instructions, give them a hug or a little treat.
  • Avoid situations that might cause temper tantrums. For example, avoid candy shops if your child often begs for sweets while you are out shopping.

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