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Signs Your Child Is Ready to Start Preschool


Preschool provides early childhood education to young learners, which promotes skill development and increases school readiness. If you are looking into enrolling your child in preschool, it can be difficult to assess whether or not your child is ready to start this new stage in their development.

Here, we discuss the signs that indicate your child is ready to start preschool in New Jersey:

  • Ability to Follow Directions
    Although child learning programs like preschool don’t have very strict rules, it is expected that your child can follow simple instructions. Preschoolers are asked to follow snack guidelines, wait in line with the rest of the class, clean up after themselves, and other related tasks that require following directions.
  • Ability to Communicate
    Typically, children who are ready for preschool can speak in simple sentences of three to five words. This can mean expressing their needs to an adult or describing something that happened recently, such as a trip to the zoo or the library.
  • Ability to Handle Transitions
    Most preschools operate on a schedule. This entails moving from one activity to another, such as playtime, snack time, and similar activities. In preschool, children are expected to handle these transitions smoothly, as learning to move from one activity to the next is an important skill that all preschoolers must learn.
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