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Ways to Prevent Your Child From Hitting Others


Have you noticed your child hitting kids at preschool in New Jersey and other people? We understand that they can get overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, or angry about something and resort to lashing it out to others, but this habit should certainly be corrected early.

What can parents, guardians, and early childhood education providers do to stop this behavior in young children?

  • Teaching empathy

    Help preschoolers understand the impact of their actions on others. Encourage discussions about feelings and emotions to develop empathy, making them aware of how hitting can hurt others emotionally and physically.

  • Positive reinforcement

    Reinforce positive behavior by praising and rewarding instances when a child interacts without hitting. Positive reinforcement helps them associate good behavior with positive outcomes, making it more likely to be repeated.

  • Clear and consistent boundaries

    Establish clear rules about hitting and consistently enforce consequences when those rules are violated. Consistency helps children in kindergarten understand the expectations and consequences, creating a more stable environment.

  • Modeling non-violent behavior

    Children learn by observing. Demonstrate appropriate ways to handle frustration or conflicts without resorting to hitting. Be a positive role model by displaying patience and problem-solving skills.

  • Encourage communication

    Help preschoolers express their emotions verbally instead of through physical actions. Teach them to use words to communicate their feelings, allowing for a more constructive and understanding interaction with their peers.

We at One Step Ahead Learning Center understand that kids have little understanding of what they feel and how they act. But we as adults can correct these behaviors and raise warm and well-behaved children through effective child care services in East Orange, New Jersey.

Call 973-677-7614 to learn more about how we reinforce positive behavior at school.

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