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The Importance of Having Children Active

An active lifestyle is not only positively impactful for the lives of adults but also for growing young children. Physical activities such as dancing, running, and jumping rope are fun ways to keep our young children active and healthy. Gross motor skills are developed and strengthened by using large muscle groups such as the arms (biceps and triceps), legs (quads, hamstrings, and calves), and torso (abdominals and obliques). Developing these skills can greatly improve daily aspects of life like posture, walking, running, and standing.

For 30 minutes each day, young children should be active. These daily 30 minutes are a driving force in reducing childhood epidemics like Diabetes, obesity, suppressed immune system, and other ailments. One Step Ahead Learning Center takes a daily vow to keep our students active and healthy. Even when the weather is inclement, we utilize our long hallway to allow the students to run, skip, hop, and crawl for exercise. It’s also important to note that students should be encouraged to be curious in a safe way. Jumping over puddles and running through the trees can be fun for young children when the environment is safe. Play should be healthy, fun, and explorative.

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