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Promoting your newborn’s growth and development

Babies have an insatiable need to learn about the world. In simple words, we are born naturally curious. At our center, your newborn’s curiosity will be encouraged and developed by our trained teachers. Fun and educational exercises are used in this program to aid in the improvement and development of an infant’s sensory skills and basic senses.

We cater to your baby’s unique developmental needs. All of the children have their own unique routines, schedules, wants, and demands to ensure their overall wellness and comfort under our care.

Our educators will involve them in all activities with clearly defined limits, allowing them to become active participants while fostering their sense of observation and self-discipline skills.

Activities Included

  • Scheduled Feeding Time
  • Action Songs and Group Singing
  • Toys that Help Develop Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Bonding with Peers and Caregiver
  • Low Caregiver to Infant Ratio
  • Stacking Blocks Activities
  • Story Telling
  • Periodic Change of Diapers (or as needed)
  • Safety Supervision and Health Care
  • Plays and Puppet Shows
  • Consultations for Sleeping Habits (for Parents)

Get in Touch

Activities are not limited to this list. Feel free to call our line at 973-677-7614 for inquiries and concerns. We’d love to assist you and your little ones through this crucial step to learning and success.

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