Let your kindergarteners learn and grow with us.
kindergarten children painting at the classroom

One Step Ahead Learning Center aims to prepare your children for higher levels of education. Our Kindergarten program is a great opportunity for your little ones to gain valuable competencies useful for higher education by facilitating the following activities:

  • Penmanship Exercises and Writing Activities
  • Counting Exercises
  • Addition and Subtraction Exercises
  • Learning How to Follow Directions
  • Arts and Graphics
  • Fun Science Experiments
  • Sports Activities
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Educational Field Trips (with approval from parents)
  • Music Class and Group Singing
  • Introduction to Telling Time

Students will be guided and educated by qualified teachers in accordance with our curriculum. Sign your kindergartener for the program today by enrolling online or contact 973-677-7614 for your questions.

group of children reading a book