Caring for your infants' or toddlers' development
portrait of toddlers playing

Entrust your infant or toddler to our care. One Step Ahead Learning Center offers our Infant/Toddler Care program which includes the following:

  • Scheduled Feeding Time
  • Action Songs and Group Singing
  • Toys that Help Develop Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Bonding with Peers and Caregiver
  • Low Caregiver to Infant Ratio
  • Stacking Blocks Activities
  • Story Telling
  • Periodic Change of Diapers (or as needed)
  • Safety Supervision and Health Care
  • Plays and Puppet Shows
  • Consultations for Sleeping Habits (for Parents)

Qualified child care providers will help ensure your youngsters’ safety and development. Enroll your child today or call 973-677-7614 for more inquiries.

group of children reading a book