Because learning just does not stop at school
young girl singing

Learning should not stop at the ring of the bell. One Step Ahead Learning Center understands that learning is a continuous process. Reinforcing the learning that your young ones gained at school are crucial for their development.

As such, our students can participate and enjoy the following after-school activities:

  • Big Brother and Sister Program
  • Math Activities
  • Learning New Languages
  • Leadership Activities
  • Industrial Arts (Woodshop)
  • Drama and Play
  • Singing Lessons
  • Community Outreach
  • Group Dancing
  • Self-Defense Class
  • Creative Writing
  • Art Activities
  • Baking and Cooking
  • Speech and Essay Writing

Each activity hones a specific skill which can definitely help a youngster further in life. Encourage your little ones to join any of the aforementioned activities. Enroll them online or contact 973-677-7614 for more details.

group of children reading a book