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Parent Testimonials

May 28, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Mrs. Charlene Muldrow. I am writing this letter in regards to Mrs. Marlene Anderson, Director of One Step Ahead Learning Center. I have two children ages 3 and 5 that have attended Mrs. Anderson’s childcare center since January 2001. I am an 8th grade English teacher at Edison Middle School in West Orange, NJ.

Since first coming to One Step Ahead Learning Center (previously titled All God’s Children’s Christian Academy), I have seen tremendous growth in both of my children. My son was diagnosed with a lower level autistic disorder and a speech delay at the age of 3. I was hesitant with putting him into a mainstream school environment because of his disorder. However, I am extremely grateful that I was recommended to Mrs. Anderson. After recently being tested by his developmental specialist, he is 1 year ahead of what he was expected to be. His speech, cognitive and social skills have increased dramatically. Mrs. Anderson personally worked with him and demonstrated extreme care and patience with his disability.

As a businesswoman, Mrs. Anderson is extremely professional. She runs her school proficiently and goes above and beyond to ensure the education and involvement of her students and parents. Parents are regularly notified through letters and phone calls of events that occur during the school year. Each parent is given a copy of the curriculum, school calendar, mission statement, and school procedures. The school day is designed to foster the learning and social development of each child with a range of activities including free play time, reading circle, and 2 hours of academic learning.

While running the school from her home with limited resources, she still made sure that the students did not miss any of the extracurricular activities that students attending public or parochial schools would. Students participated in fundraisers, performances, trips, and were able to take school pictures. Mrs. Anderson made it priority to make sure that parents were satisfied with the education their children were receiving. It is also important to her to develop well-rounded students.

Mrs. Marlene Anderson is an excellent educator and an astute businesswoman. She truly cares about her students and parents. She has nothing but their best interest in mind. Both of my children have benefited from attending her program. i am grateful that a fellow parent recommended me to her. it is with no hesitation that i give the highest recommendation for Mrs. Marlene Anderson.

Mrs. Charlene Muldrow

February 8, 2016

Dear Mrs. Marlene,
I wanted to take a moment and send a note to you about your Staff in the Baby room, especially Ms. Nikki and Ms. T. Often, parents only make time to complain or when they are extremely unhappy, but this is not one of those moments.

Mackenzie’s Teachers are doing an amazing job with her. I know we have our lessons at home, but there are things that Mackenzie is showing me that I know could only come from school. They are pleasant, always friendly, and always able to answer any questions I have. I see nothing but patience when Mackenzie’s Aunt or myself are flying through the door coming from work a few minutes late, and I appreciate it more than they know.

I don’t always get to see you but I just wanted you to know your staff get 2 thumbs up from me.

Have a great evening and keep up the good work.

With Love,
Mackenzie’s Mom






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