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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Three children reading book togetherOne Step Ahead Learning Center is committed to providing a high-quality child care program which embodies the total developmental and educational excellence of children. We strive daily to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing and well-designed learning environment, where our children can examine and manipulate, make discoveries, solve problems, and think independently. We recognize that our children learn best in a rich, loving atmosphere that considers their total development and individual needs and interests.


Christ and Education Makes a Great Combination.

Our Philosophy Of Education

The objective of One Step Ahead Learning Center is to provide children with learning experiences that foster positive self-images which encourage an outgrowth of social competence. The program emphasizes cognitive language, social, emotional and physical development to enable children to deal effectively with their present environment and later responsibilities of school and community life. A vital aspect of our program here allows our children to develop their large and small motor skills eye coordination with use of manipulative toys and activities.

Your child’s safety is also an essential priority for us at One Step Ahead Learning Center. Our staff members are trained in fire safety, CPR, emergency evacuation drills and the strict implementation of security measures. We installed surveillance cameras / CCTV technology all over the facility for monitoring purposes.

One Step Ahead Learning Center is a partner with the home. We believe that good day care is a learning experience for parents and children alike, and it is from that philosophy that our Center derives its uniquely participatory approach. We feel that the special years of early childhood are formative years not only for the child, but for the entire family. Therefore, we work closely with parents provide opportunities for them to increase their knowledge, understanding, skills and experience in child growth and development by involving them in the educational activities of the program. Parents are welcome at any time and are always kept informed of their child’s progress. Our commitment to families also embraces a vital concern for the surrounding community where our families live and work.

We support a philosophy that provides children with spiritual linkages to their daily activities. For example, approved biblical stories may be incorporated into story reading sessions, and gospel songs may be included in musical activities.

One Step Ahead Learning Center values people:  the children in our care, their parents, and our staff.  We continually work to earn the trust placed in us.  Therefore, we strive each day to be the best provider of child care services we possibly can.


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